Lock Upp: Latest Finale Story! Prisoners face the media!

Lock Upp: Latest Finale Story! Prisoners face the media!

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In the latest episode of Lock Upp, the prisoners are bewildered by Kangana's presence in the jail's yard area.

However, the surprise continues as Kangana is accompanied by the media of the country consisting of Sana Farzi, Vibha Kaul, Siddharth Kannan, and Shravan Shah.

Starting with questioning Munawar and Anjali about whether they are afraid of losing the votes of #Munjali fans, the media panel asks various questions to the prisoners.

Payal gets interrogated for blaming everyone for their narrative.

However, Payal conveys her thoughts after which Sana accuses Payal of picking up a fight with everyone to be seen as a lone warrior.

Even Kangana teases Anjali for being attractive to Prince while she was already being close to Munawar.

Further, Kangana mentions the power of the media in which they can put 2 prisoners to the bottom.

In the Benaqaab Room, the media panel mutually decide to put Anjali and Poonam in the bottom two.

Let us see whether Anjali and Poonam's fans save them as they do not have an opportunity to do it themselves, in the upcoming episodes of Lock Upp.

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