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Meet: Latest Spoiler! Tej supports Meet Hooda against Sunaina!

Meet: Latest Spoiler! Tej supports Meet Hooda against Sunaina!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Meet Hooda will get support from Tej against Sunaina in giving up her child.

So far in the episodes of the Meet serial, Sunaina has backhandedly insulted Meet Hooda and demanded the child be given to her after its birth.

As per the spoilers of the serial Meet, Sunaina threatens the family that she will leave the house if she’s not given the child while Meet Hooda states that Sunaina can never can be a good mother.

In the upcoming track of Meet, Meet Hooda reasons that Sunaina hasn’t even accepted Ram and Lakhan as her children while Tej agrees with Meet Hooda revealing Sunaina’s bad behavior towards the kids.

In the future story of the Meet serial, we will see Sunaina leaving the house while Masoom will try to guilt-trip Meet Hooda saying that it’s her fault.

Let's see what consequences Tej’s support to Meet Hooda bring in the Ahlawat family in the upcoming episode of the Meet serial.

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