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Meet: New Entry! Meet Hooda Gets A New Hero in Yogendra Vikram Singh!

Meet: New Entry! Meet Hooda Gets A New Hero in Yogendra Vikram Singh!

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In the upcoming story of Meet, a new hero will make his entry into Meet Hooda’s life.

The current story of Meet revolves around Meet Ahlawat dying while trying to save Meet Hooda and others from the terrorist attack.

Meet Hooda is left in shatters after her husband and most loved person, Meet Ahlawat dies.

According to the new promo of Meet, Meet Hooda will soon encounter a new hero as her new love interest in the village she is setting Meet Ahlawat's dream factory.

The man will be a wrestler and will encounter Meet on the way to Sarkarpur. 

Meet Hooda will accidentally hit that man’s car and meet him for the first time as a stranger.

As per the spoilers, the stranger could be the Sarpanch's son who spoiled Meet Hooda's hawan earlier.

The new male lead will be played by Yogendra Vikram Singh who played the role of Samrat in Star Plus’s Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.

With the entry of a new male lead, will Meet Hooda’s new love story bloom over time or will there be hindrances from the shadows of the past?

Let us see how the new love story of Meet Hooda and her hero builds up in the upcoming episodes of Meet.

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