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Meet: Serial Gossip! Meet Hooda to FIGHT ODDS to SAVE RAJ!

Meet: Serial Gossip! Meet Hooda to FIGHT ODDS to SAVE RAJ!

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In the upcoming story of Meet, Rajvardhan will need a heart transplant while Meet Hooda will fight all the odds to save Raj!

So far in the story of Meet, Barfi Devi in her hunger for vengeance reveals the truth of Manjiri being disguised as Meet Hooda to Rajvardhan.

Due to shock Rajvardhan gets a heart attack and needs a heart transplant within 60 minutes.

In the upcoming twist of the serial, the Ahlawat family is informed of the doctor's strike while the hopelessness of the situation hits them hard.

Manjiri takes the reins in her hand and drives the ambulance herself to obtain Rajvardhan's, new heart. 

As per the spoiler, Meet Hooda will fight against difficulties transporting the donor heart at the right time.

Let us see if Manjiri will be successful in saving her only living father figure after Ashok Hooda’s death and how Meet Ahlawat will react after knowing Manjiri’s truth is out in the future episodes of Meet. 

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