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Meet Serial: Latest Gossip! Isha exposes Neelam/Laila!

Meet Serial: Latest Gossip! Isha exposes Neelam/Laila!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Isha will expose Neelam’s second avatar, Laila, to the whole Ahlawat family.

So far in the episodes of the Meet serial, Laila comes to the front and reveals the truth to Isha that Deep is dead and that she is the reason.

Now as per the spoilers of the serial Meet, Isha falls unconscious while Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat find her on the road and bring her home.

According to the gossip, Isha wakes up and starts weeping and mourning for the death of her husband while the family gets confused.

However, Barfi Devi, Meet Hooda, and Meet Ahlawat get shocked wondering who told Isha the truth.

In the future story of the Meet serial, we will see Meet Hooda questioning Isha about it and Isha revealing Neelam and her Laila personality.

Let's see what will Meet Hooda do after learning the truth about Neelam/Laila in the upcoming episode of the Meet serial.

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