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Meet Serial: Latest Gossip! Meet's Mehendi Celebration!

Meet Serial: Latest Gossip! Meet's Mehendi Celebration!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Meet's Mehendi celebration ceremony is going to take place.

So far in the story of Meet, Meet Hooda decides to marry Manmeet who looks exactly like Meet Ahlawat. 

However, Meet suspects Sarkar who in actuality is Manmeet's father.

As per the latest spoilers of Meet, the Ahlawats will get emotional at Meet's Mehendi ceremony.

Babita and Raj who have treated Meet like their own daughter gets tears in their eyes as they hug Meet.

Furthermore, as per the upcoming twist of Meet, Meet will get a call from SP Bhaati who will tell her about a video clip that he extracted from Sarkar's house. 

SP Bhati will reveal to Meet that her fun was being made of at Sarkar Mahal. 

Let us see how Meet Hooda realizes Manmeet's real intentions who just wants to marry her to take revenge in the future episodes of Meet serial.

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