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Meet Serial: Upcoming Story! Meet Ahlawat Is Kidnapped!

Meet Serial: Upcoming Story! Meet Ahlawat Is Kidnapped!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Meet Ahlawat is kidnapped.

So far in the episodes of the Meet serial, Meet Hooda confronts Laila in the warehouse where she has come to make Meet Ahlawat unconscious to kidnap him.

However before Meet Hooda could uncover Laila's face, Laila hits Meet Hooda making her lose consciousness.

As per the spoilers of the serial, Meet describes to Rajvardhan the scuffle that ensued between the masked girl who was called to the warehouse and Meet Hooda while Meet Ahlawat lay unconscious.

Meet Hooda then tells that after getting severely injured she lost consciousness and Meet Ahlawat got kidnapped.

As per the gossips of the Meet serial, before Meet Hooda could point her doubt at Neelam, Babita falls unconscious.

Let us see in future episodes if Meet Hooda uncovers the secret behind Laila's real identity and how Meet Hooda saves Meet Ahlawat from Laila.

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