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Meet Serial: Upcoming Twist! Meet Hooda’s love RETURNS!

Meet Serial: Upcoming Twist! Meet Hooda’s love RETURNS!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Meet Hooda will get shocked to see the love of her life Meet Ahlawat alive.

So far in the episodes of Meet, Meet Hooda has arrived at Sarkarpur to fulfill Meet Ahlawat’s dream of making a women-only operated factory.

Now as per the spoilers of the serial Meet, Meet Hooda is stressed about going against Sarkar and his sons to complete Meet Ahlawat’s dream.

Later, Meet Hooda is lost in dreams while her papers fly away due to the wind.

According to the gossip, the papers fly to a man who is in the wrestling match and looks just like Meet Ahlawat leaving Meet Hooda in a haze.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda questions herself if the person in front of her is Meet Ahlawat or someone else.

Let's see if this doppelganger becomes Meet Hooda’s friend or enemy in the upcoming episode of the Meet serial.

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