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Meet: Spoiler Alert! Sumeet's Rejection angers Masoom!

Meet: Spoiler Alert! Sumeet's Rejection angers Masoom!

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In the upcoming story of Meet, Sumeet will make Masoom angry.

So far in the serial Meet, Shagun has been pressuring Masoom to convince Raj and Sumeet of Raunak's proposal. 

However, Sumeet has fallen in love with Shlok but is unaware of her feelings for him. 

Meanwhile, Raunak has convinced Raj that he is the ideal candidate to marry Sumeet.

However, Sumeet has candidly refused to marry Raunak.

According to the latest spoilers of Meet serial, Masoom will get angry with Sumeet as her refusal might create problems for Vani's marriage. 

What will happen now? Will Sumeet agree to marry Raunak to appease Masoom?

Let us continue to watch future episodes of Meet to find out how Sumeet's decision to not marry Raunak proves to teach Raj an important lesson when Raunak's truth comes to light. 

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