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Meet: Upcoming Story! Jashodha Accepts Meet as Manmeet's Wife!

Meet: Upcoming Story! Jashodha Accepts Meet as Manmeet's Wife!

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In the upcoming story of Meet, Jashodha will accept Meet Hooda as Manmeet's wife.

So far in the story of the serial, Raj & Babita breathe their last in front of Manmeet.

However, Raj takes a promise from Manmeet to take care of Meet unless she finds someone for herself.

According to the latest spoiler of Meet, Manmeet brings Meet back to Sarkar Mahal which makes Shagun react violently.

However, upon Gunwanti's request, Shagun acts as if she also wants well for Meet.

As per the upcoming twist of the serial, Jashodha gifts bridal bangles to Meet for Gangaur festival to be worn as she married Manmeet and took marriage vows.

Meet gets confused and asks Jashodha why she didn't give it to Shagun. 

Does this mean that Jashodha has accepted Meet as Manmeet's wife already in her heart & mind?

Let us watch the future episodes of Meet to see what happens when Manmeet also finds himself falling in love with Meet and has to decide to part ways with Shagun.

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