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Meet: Upcoming Twist! Bapu Sarkar to kill Cheeku?

Meet: Upcoming Twist! Bapu Sarkar to kill Cheeku?

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In the upcoming story of Meet, Bapu Sarkar may try to kill Cheeku.

The current track of Meet revolves around Manmeet and Meet successfully safeguarding Cheku from Kanika and her goons.

This news enrages Sarkar who trashes his room in anger.

According to the latest spoiler of Meet, Bapu Sarkar will discover Cheeku's pendant in which she and her late husband's photo will be there.

Hence, Sarkar realizes that Cheeku is Meet's biological son.

Will Sarkar take revenge from Meet by attempting to kill Cheeku?

Let us continue to watch the upcoming episodes of the Meet serial to see what Bapu Sarkar decides to do with Cheeku and if Meet will realize the truth about her emotional resonance with Cheeku soon or not.

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