MHRW: Raghav's health deteriorates because of Pallavi

MHRW: Raghav's health deteriorates because of Pallavi

MHRW Upcoming Story:

In MHRW serial's future spoilers, Raghav's (Sai Ketan Rao) health will deteriorate due to eating chilli while Pallavi (Shivangi Khedkar) will feel guilty.

So far in MHRW story, Raghav bore a loss of 13 crores to get the client to buy Saree designs from Pallavi.

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of MHRW, Pallavi found out about Raghav fighting with Vijay and made him eat spicy food as a punishment.

Now as per the upcoming twists of MHRW, Pallavi will see Jaya searching for something and will ask her what she is doing while Jaya will respond that someone fed Raghav chilli which he is allergic to and is like a poison for him.

Further, Farhad and Jaya will make Raghav lay on the bed while Raghav will start coughing up blood making Pallavi feel guilty.

Let's see what will Pallavi do next to help Raghav feel better in the future gossips of MHRW serial.

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