Molkki: Kids reach NGO to look for Purvi

Molkki: Kids reach NGO to look for Purvi

Molkki spoiler alert:

In the forthcoming episodes of Molkki serial, Purvi (Priyal Mahajan) will go missing while Juhi (Anushka Sharma) and Manas (Rithvik Gupta) will reach NGO to search for her.

The current story of Molkki serial is revolving around Virednra going to Delhi for 4 days while Purvi helped Sakshi to escape from Anjali and told Sudha to take her to NGO.

Further, Purvi went out to go to NGO but Prakashi's goons kidnapped her and locked her somewhere.

Now as per the serial gossips of Molkki, Juhi and Manas will sneak out of the house to look for Purvi while Prakashi will find out about the lady Sudha brought to NGO and will go there too.

The kids will reach the NGO and will ask for Purvi but will not find her after which Sakshi will be informed by a nurse that two kids were looking for their 'Haathi (Purvi's nickname).

She will realises that the kids were Juhi and Manas and will look for them according to the latest twist of Molkki.

Let's see if Sakshi can meet her kids or not in the future story of Molkki (मोल्क्की) serial.

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