Molkki: Purvi to find Sakshi at the temple

Molkki: Purvi to find Sakshi at the temple

Molkki upcoming story:

In the upcoming episodes of Molkki serial, Purvi (Priyal Mahajan) will get shocked to find Sakshi (Toral Rasputra) at the temple while Virendra will be doing Pooja.

So far in Molkki serial, Purvi was blamed for having an affair while she was punished by the Panchayat to eat Laddoos with poison.

Further, Prakashi plotted against Purvi and planned to kill her. However, she was saved because of her last wish.

Now as per the gossip news of Molkki, Purvi will go to the temple with Virendra for a Pooja where she will find the same chained woman she found at the cave.

Further, she will see her face and will be shocked to learn that the woman is Sakshi according to the spoiler update of Molkki serial.

Let’s see how Purvi reacts after meeting Sakshi in the future story of Molkki (मोल्लकी) serial.

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