Molkki Serial: Purvi to punish Sudha's brothers-in-law

Molkki Serial: Purvi to punish Sudha's brothers-in-law

Molkki Latest News:

In the upcoming episodes of Colors TV’s Molkki serial, Virender will ask Purvi to give punishment to Sudha’s brothers-in-law.

So far in Molki story, Purvi witnessed three men entering Sudha’s room late at night, while Sudha revealed to Purvi that she is sexually assaulted.

Further, Purvi took a stand for Sudha but was about to punished for telling a lie to the Panchayat.

Now based on the serial spoiler of Molkki, Purvi will be proved innocent and will be saved by the attack of the wild dogs.

Meanwhile, Virender will reveal the truth that Sudha’s brothers-in-law are the real culprits for physically assaulting Sudha.

He will further ask Purvi to decide a punishment for those three men according to the latest updates of Molki serial.

Let’s see what will be Purvi’s decision in the upcoming story of the Molkki serial.

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