Molkki upcoming twist: Purvi meets Radhika

Molkki upcoming twist: Purvi meets Radhika

Molkki upcoming twist:

In the upcoming Molkki serial episodes,

The current story of Molkki revolves around Purvi marrying Arjun as this was his condition for saving Virender from imprisonment.

Arjun forces Purvi to take Juhi and Manas with her to his house as he had written his name in place of Purvi when Virender made adoption papers.

So, instead of Purvi, Arjun is the only guardian of Juhi and Manas.

Now, as per the gossips of Udaariyan, Purvi will be holding a knife so that if Arjun will try to touch her then she won't spare him.

Purvi will read a letter by Radhika that will inform Arjun is blacklisted and his legal license will be revoked by the Supreme Court. She will ask Radhika to meet her.

Juhi will tell Virender that they will be going to the market in the evening.

Virender will watch them in the market from a distance, according to the spoiler of Udaria.

Let us see what Purvi does next, in the upcoming story of the Molkki serial.

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