Molkki upcoming twist: Purvi puts her life at stake

Molkki upcoming twist: Purvi puts her life at stake

Molkki upcoming story:

In the upcoming Molkki serial episodes, Purvi will put her life at stake for saving Manas from the bricks and pillars falling at the construction site. 

The current story of Molkki revolves around Sakshi and Arjun planning together to throw Purvi out of Virender's life. 

Arjun kidnaps Juhi and Manas so that Sakshi can act like saving them and become the better person in Virender's mind.

Now, as per the gossips of Udaariyan, Virender and Purvi reach the construction site where Arjun has kept Juhi and Manas. Virender hands over the bag of money to Arjun and he will try to run away with the money.

Virender will fire a bullet and it will hit the bricks.

At the same time, Manas will come out of the building and starts calling out Purvi's name when the bricks start falling on him.

Purvi will run towards Manas as she sees a pillar falling in his direction.

Further, Purvi will not think twice to save Manas by putting herself in danger, according to the spoiler of Udaria.

Let us see will Purvi be fine or not and whether Arjun and Sakshi will be exposed in front of Virender, in the upcoming story of the Molkki serial.

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