Molkki Upcoming Twist: Virendra punishes Vaibhav

Molkki Upcoming Twist: Virendra punishes Vaibhav

Molkki spoiler alert:

In the future episodes of Molkki arrival, Virendra (Amar Upadhyay) will get proof that Vaibhav is the one who sent people to kill him after which he will punish Vaibhav.

Up until now in Molkki story, Virendra was attached by Vaibhav's name while Purvi got informed by Priyashi that Vaibhav is talking about getting revenge on Virendra.

Further, Vaibhav tries to torture Priyashi but sue managed to run away from there with his belonging leaving him with only a dress of her.

Now as per the serial gossips of Molkki, Virendra will confront of the goons and will find out that Vaibhav is the one who wanted to get him killed while Priyashi will come home and will make up a story that Vaibhav tried to molest him.

Further, Virendra will reveal Vaibhav's truth to everyone while Prakashi will slap him.

Virendra will make him ride the who's village on a donkey after which he will tell Priyashi to lock Vaibhav in the room and keep the key with herself according to the latest twists of Molkki.

Let's see what will Purvi do next in the upcoming story of Molkki.

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