Molkki: Virendra saves Purvi and Radhika from Vikas, Aarti

Molkki: Virendra saves Purvi and Radhika from Vikas, Aarti

Molkki Upcoming Twist:

As per Molkki serial's recent spoilers, Virendra (Amar Upadhyay) will manage to save Purvi (Priyal Mahajan) and Radhika from Vikas and Aarti.

Up until now in Molkki story, Aarti and Vikas came to the haveli and did drama in front of Sakshi and took Radhika with them against her will.

Further, in the last episode of Molkki serial, Purvi questioned Sakshi why she let Aarti take away Radhika but Sakshi told her to remember that she is the Mukhiyani of the haveli.

Now as per the upcoming story of Molkki, Purvi and the kids will go after Vikas and Aarti forcefully dragging Radhika and will try to free her.

Vikas will push away Purvi but Virendra will save her and will ask her story.

Purvi will tell him the whole story while Aarti will also support her saying that Aarti and Vikas were taking her home by force.

Let's see what will Virendra do next in the serial gossips of Molkki.

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