Naagin 3 spoiler update: Huzoor to make comeback

Naagin 3 spoiler update: Huzoor to make comeback

Nagin 3 future story:

In the forthcoming episodes of Naagin 3, Huzoor aka Ruhi (Karishma Tanna) will come back to life to create havoc in Bela’s life.

So far in Nagin3, Bela tricked Ruhi and made her confess their plan. She learned that Hukum wanted to have a child with her.

Irked Hukum came over to the place and stabbed Ruhi for exposing their plan.

However soon on Nagin 3, Ruhi will again enter the picture. Hukum will use his powers to bring his sister, Huzoor, back to life.

Huzoor and Hukum will team up against Bela to fulfill their last condition of Hukum having a child with Bela.

It will be super exciting to watch the third Naagin series future episodes to find out if Hukum is able to get success in his plan or not.


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