Naagin 4 Spoiler Update: Vrushali to kill Manyata

Naagin 4 Spoiler Update: Vrushali to kill Manyata

Naagin4 future news:

In the upcoming episodes of Naagin season 4 serial, Vrushali will soon be seen killing Manyata and this will mark the exit of Sayantani Ghosh from the show.

So far in season 4 of Naagin story, Brinda decides to reveal the truth of her pregnancy while Vishakha dons the avatar of a man and claims it is his child.

Now as per the gossip updates of Naagin 4 serial, Brinda’s Naagin reality will soon be exposed in front of the Parekh family and they will search for Manyata.

Vrushali will find her and will torture her to reveal the truth about Naagmani and Lal Tekri temple. She will also threaten to kill her daughter Brinda and Manyata will be forced to reveal the truth.

After learning the truth, Vrushali will decide to get rid of Manyata and will kill her according to the spoiler twists of Nagin 4.

Let’s see what happens next in the future story of Nagin season 4.

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