Naagin 5 Gossip: Jai to manipulate Bani

Naagin 5 Gossip: Jai to manipulate Bani

Naagin 5 Latest Gossips:

In the new upcoming updates of Naagin 5, Jai will try to gain Bani’s trust and will manipulate her to betray her later.

So far in Naagin 5 story plot, Bani married Veer to take revenge for Jai’s death. Veer also wanted to take revenge for his brother’s death. However, Jai returns from the dead and thinks Bani killed him.

Now based on the twists of Naagin 5, Jai will attack Bani but Veer will get wounded in an attempt to save Bani. Later, Jai will decide to hide his hatred for Bani.

He will manipulate Bani in believing that he still loves her and will stay close to take revenge from her as per the gossips of Naagin 5.

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