Naagin 6: Latest Spoiler! Lord Shiva comes to rescue Pratha!

Naagin 6: Latest Spoiler! Lord Shiva comes to rescue Pratha!

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As per the latest spoilers of Naagin 6, Yash who introduced himself as Shesh Naag was Lord Shiva himself.

The viewers got surprised by the last episode of Naagin 6.

Yash as Shesh Naag told Farishta that Pratha does not know that her beloved Lord Shiva has come to help her himself.

When Pratha decided to travel somewhere else, far away from Rishabh, an unknown person hands her an antique book.

The antique book is later revealed to contain all the secrets of Shesh Naag and the upcoming tribulations Shesh Naagin has to overcome to save her nation.

Pratha had been worried and crying in the past due to many tests put in her way.

When her beloved Lord Shiva heard her plea, he came down himself in disguise as Shesh Naag aka Yash.

According to the upcoming story of Naagin 6, with Lord Shiva’s blessings, Pratha cannot wait to kill other Asuras as she finds hints to locate all of them.

Let us see how Shesh Naagin comes back stronger than ever to fulfill her role of saving Bharat.

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