Naagin 6: New Upcoming Story Twist, OMG! Is Seema the

Naagin 6: New Upcoming Story Twist, OMG! Is Seema the "Maha Asura"?

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As per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, the Maha Asura who has been the epicentre behind the plan to poison Bharat with Chingistan's help is going to get revealed!

Pratha will be standing face to face with the Maha Asura decked in all black according to the new twist revealed in Naagin 6.

As per the upcoming story in Naagin 6, the person who is going to be revealed as the Maha Asura will be none other than Seema herself.

Seema is Rishabh's mother, played by Sudha Chandran.

Naagin 6 serial gossip reveals that Maha Asura also threatens to kill Rishabh who is Pratha's husband.

If Seema is the face behind the Maha Asura, how much longer can Pratha let her live?

What will Shesh Naagin Pratha do in this situation?

Let us see what pans out in the confrontation that will happen between Pratha and Maha Asura.

It will be exciting to watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 as the Maha Asura was right under Pratha's nose while she had been searching for them globally ready to cross the universe to catch hold of them.

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