Naagin 6: #PraRish, A Magical & Swooning Over Love Story of Pratha & Rishabh

Naagin 6: #PraRish, A Magical & Swooning Over Love Story of Pratha & Rishabh

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Pratha and Rishabh together (#PraRish)

In the Naagin Season 6 serial, coming together with ulterior motives, Pratha and Rishabh are headed for the same goal.

But we can not keep calm about the couple which has the rage of revenge inside but emits the burning hot chemistry outside.

Chosen as the Shesh Naagin to avenge the Asuras, and save the country from the pandemic, Pratha enters into the lives of Gujrals.

Her journey, however, is not going to be that easy as Rishabh is standing before his family as a layer of protective shield, possessing a challenge to Pratha.

In this revenge game, the sparks will fly, misunderstandings will take place, but the love will still find its way into their hearts.

The Beginning of PraRish in Naagin 6

In the first meeting, Pratha and Rishabh cross each other’s paths but do not come across each other.

However, when fate plays its role, one has to go the way it takes.

Having fun together, Rishabh and Ritesh proceed towards their destination when all of a sudden, Rishabh loses control of his car where Pratha offers help.

The meeting is not at all romantic but still, Rishabh keeps on staring at our innocent Pratha.

Furthermore, the two of them go their separate ways, not knowing the fact that their destination is the same.

Rishabh suspects Naagin Pratha

Fate brings Rishabh and Pratha across each other again when Pratha arrives at Rishabh and Ritesh’s wedding as a helper.

With her innocence and beauty, Pratha wins over Ritesh’s heart while her thoughts cloud over Rishabh's mind.

Rishabh suspects the motive behind Pratha being in their house and his doubt intensifies when he finds the other half of the paper that had the message in Pratha’s bag.

Rishabh believes Pratha has come with a motive of harming his family and develops a hatred for her in his heart.

Furthermore, when Ritesh announces his marriage with Pratha, taking everyone by surprise, Rishabh tries to make him understand that Pratha is not what she seems, instead, she has some ulterior motives to be there in their house.

The Union #PraRish

United by the sacred bond of marriage, Pratha becomes the Pratha Rishabh Gujral.

Undergoing certain twists and turns of Naagin, which includes the exchange of grooms, Rishabh ties his knot with Pratha, betraying his brother and leaving his fiancee alone at the aisle.

Rishabh, wholeheartedly, confesses his love for Pratha in front of the entire family.

However, in reality, Rishabh has only married Pratha to protect his brother and to bring her truth out.

The Burning Chemistry between PraRish in Naagin 6 (Pratha & Rishabh)

The first night of Pratha and Rishabh was a scene to behold. A revenge story giving out all the sensuous vibes of a romantic couple.

Only the wedding night landed us to give this acronym PraRish to the beautiful couple Pratha and Rishabh.

If the revenge story has the power to ignite the power of hotness all around, the fans are waiting to see the romantic angle between the couple when both know each other’s real identity.

With Pratha drawing sharp inhales when Rishabh approaches her to Rishabh running his fingers discovering the various insights of Pratha is making the viewers applaud their chemistry.

Rishabh enjoys all the pain that he gives to our Naagin Pratha while Pratha relishes the thought of keeping herself away from Rishabh on their wedding night.

Rishabh, the lover burning in his rage is a dangerous lover with the aura of his personality raising the temperature high while seemingly innocent Pratha retorting him with every smart move of hers, is something fun to watch.

Every time Ritesh’s closeness with Pratha makes us crave for more of PraRish together as Ritesh is just a spoilsport whose presence is not desired in between the lovey-dovey couple.

Burning in the fire of revenge, Rishabh is deliberately pushing Pratha’s limits to make her confess her truth by herself.

It will be interesting to see for how long Pratha is able to escape Rishabh or in an attempt of getting away from each other, the realisation of the truth will take place making the couple a hit couple of Pratha and Rishabh in television history.

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