Naagin 6: Tejasswi Prakash's Best, Killer Looks Yet in Naagin Serial!

Naagin 6: Tejasswi Prakash's Best, Killer Looks Yet in Naagin Serial!

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In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Raghuveer and Prarthana will be confronting each other as Prathna knows now that Poorvika is her daughter!

However, to reach the current track of Naagin 6, the story had many ups and downs which kept the fans on the edge of their seats.

It has to be stated that Tejasswi Prakash's stellar performance in Naagin 6 has been the backbone of this superhit show. 

The fans have loved and raved about all her looks in the series and we have come up with the Best 3 looks of Tejasswi Prakash in the sixth installment of Naagin!

Pratha Gujral

Naagin 6 started with Pratha, an ordinary girl who had no idea that being the Sarvasrestha Shesh Naagin will be written in her destiny.

In the first few episodes, Pratha was seen dressed very simply. 

However, when she was reminded of her powers and capabilities, her confidence grew in her and so did her killer dresses and looks to die for!

Here below is one such look by Pratha when she was about to get married not to Rishabh but later, got married to him as it was her fate to marry him.

Prarthana, Pratha, and Rishabh's Daughter

When the show took a leap of 20 years, the fans got to know that their beloved Tejasswi Prakash would be playing a double role.

When Prathna, Pratha, and Rishabh's daughter were introduced, the fans immediately took a liking to Prarthana's modern yet simple look.

Her glasses were very cute along with the Delhi-style nose ring that was styled to make Prathna more relatable as a fresh college graduate.

Kiara in Naagin 6

Tejasswi Prakash also played the role of a Kiara, a disguised personality taken on by Pratha before the leap as she thought Rishabh betrayed her intentionally. 

Kiara's dialogues kept the show funny as she was shown as a typical London returning to India.

However, Tejasswi as Kiara rocked the short hairstyle along with the modern, chic dresses that Pratha would never wear as her preference was more traditional.

Kiara's one dialogue also got very famous on Instagram when Janhvi Kapoor made a reel on it.

Let us see what happens in the future episodes of Naagin 6 as the show is not ending anytime soon and is the longest-running installment of Naagin franchise.

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