Naagin 6: Upcoming Twist! Rainaksh kidnaps Chanda!

Naagin 6: Upcoming Twist! Rainaksh kidnaps Chanda!

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In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Rainaksh will be kidnapping Chanda.

So far in the latest story of Naagin 6, Seema has ordered Rainaksh to find out where Amrit Kalash is located.

However, Mehak locks Rainaksh in an iron cage and stays with Chanda in the ancient Shiva Temple for four days.

Before Mehak and Pratha leave Chanda Ma alone, Pratha draws a protective layer around the temple so nobody can enter it.

As per the new spoilers of Naagin 6, Rainaksh will be mimicking Rishabh’s voice that will wake Chanda from sleep.

Unable to hear Rishabh’s sad cry calling out for help, Chanda will step out of the protective layer.

Chanda will be scared to see Rainaksh.

However, he won’t give Chanda time to run as he will kidnap Chanda by putting her over his shoulder.

Let us see how Pratha will find out Chanda Ma’s location after Rainaksh kidnaps her.

The future story episodes of Naagin 6 will provide a thrilling ride to its viewers as Pratha has to overcome many challenges to safeguard Chanda.

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