Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani, Gunjan fight over Yug

Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani, Gunjan fight over Yug

In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka serial, Kahani (Shruti Sharma) will fight with Gunjan on who will take Yug (Aditya Ojha) to their room.

Up until now in Namak Ishq Ka (नमक इश्क का) Kahani stopped Gunjan from slapping her and told her that she will not share her husband with her.

Further, Yug drank Thandai at the temple and conferred his love to Kahani when she came to pick him up.

Now as per the serial gossips of Namak Ishq Ka, Kahani will bring a drank Yug home and will be taking her to their room while Irawati will stop her.

Irawati will tell Gunjan to take Yug to her room while Kahani will warn her to not even come close to her and Yug according to the spoiler alerts of Namak Ishq Ka.

Let's see what will Gunjan do next in the future story of Namak Ishq Ka.

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