Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani leaves Yug's house

Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani leaves Yug's house

Namak Ishq Ka Serial Gossip:

In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka serial, Kahani (Shruti Sharma) will leave the house with Rani after getting upset with his words while Yug (Aditya Ojha) will search for her.

The current story of Namak Ishq Ka serial is revolving around Yug finding the key in Kahani's items and trying it with his lock the the key does not fit as Kahani had switched it with another key.

Further, Yug angrily removed the Sindoor from Kahani's hairline but apologised to her after Rani talked to him. 

Now as per the latest twists of Namak Ishq Ka, the media will come to Yug's house and will ask him if he has two wives and one being a dancer.

Yug will announce that he only has only wife named Gunjan while she will insult Kahani in the corner amd will tell her to leave.

Kahani will be hurt by Yug's house amd will leave the house while Yug will blame her for calling the media according to the spoiler alerts of Namak Ishq Ka.

Let's see what will Yug do next in the future story of Namak Ishq Ka (नमक इश्क का).

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