Namak Ishq Ka Review, Cast: Dancer Chamcham turning into daughter-in-law

Namak Ishq Ka Review, Cast: Dancer Chamcham turning into daughter-in-law

Namak Ishq Ka Cast & Review:

Colors TV’s serial, Namak Ishq Ka is an entertaining mix of drama and social message.

Namak Iskk Ka serial focuses on changing the mindset of people about dancers who work hard to earn a living.

NIK serial cast includes Shruti Sharma, Aditya Ojha, and Monalisa aka Antara Biswas as the leads.

Namak Ishq Ka Story:

Namak Ishq Ka is the story of a dancer Kahaani who goes by the stage name Chamcham and a rich businessman named Yug Pratap Singh.

The narrative starts with two families staying together. Ravikant and Nishikant are two business partners who stay together.

However, Iravati, the wife of Ravikant, is a cunning woman and plans the murder of Nishikant.

She even leaves her own husband, Ravikant in a wheelchair by causing his accident as well. Iravati is called Badki Didi and holds all of the power of the family.

Iravati has two daughters Rupa and Gunjan. Rupa is already married to Raunak while Iravati plans on getting Gunjan married to Yug, the younger son of Nishikant.

Kahaani, the female lead of the serial, is a dancer who goes by the stage name Chamcham. She struggles to survive with two siblings Lucky and Rani.

As the story progresses it is revealed that she is the daughter of Ravikant from another woman. Iravati tried to kill the mother and Kahaani.

However, Kahaani somehow survived and later got married to Yug.

The story portrays that Yug hates Kahaani as she is a dancer. His perspective for Kahaani changes when she saves his sister-in-law.

Namak Ishq Ka Cast:

Female star cast Lead Actress Shruti Sharma as Kahaani:

Shruti Sharma as Kahaani is a passionate girl who only wants to take care of her siblings Lucky and Rani.

She brings life to the character by her expressions as a dancer and her Thumkas are sure killers.

Kahaani is also a compassionate character and thinks about others before herself. Her nice nature brings Yug closer to her.

Male star cast Lead  Actor Aditya Ojha as Yug Pratap Singh:

Aditya Ojha as Yug Pratap Singh is perfect with his rugged looks and strong persona.

Yug Pratap Singh is a businessman and is bind to rules and regulations in his life. He doesn’t like dancers and judges them for their profession.

He also cares a lot for his family and is kind-hearted from the inside.

The show also stars Antara Biswas aka Monalisa as Iravati Devi. She is a fierce woman and wants to rule the whole household.

She also has a strong hatred towards Kahaani but also holds a deep dark secret that no one knows.

Namak Ishq Ka Review:

Namak Ishq Ka is a unique and fresh story and is different from daily Saas-Bahu drama. It portrays the struggles of a dancer and also gives a social message.

The presence of two families in one household is in itself a unique concept. The show opens up on the topic of the life of a dancer and how she can also become a daughter-in-law.

The story breaks the cliché of simple normal girls being female leads and brings a strong girl with a bold profession in limelight.

Overall the serial is a perfect blend of drama and social message and breaks the chain of general stereotypical stories.

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