Nazar: Challayan Daayan to trouble Rathod family (Future Twist)

Nazar: Challayan Daayan to trouble Rathod family (Future Twist)

Nazar serial gossip update:

The viewers will witness an interesting sequence where Challayan Daayan will create havoc in the lives of Rathod family.

In the last episode of Nazar serial, Munna attacked Mohanna (Monalisa) and turned her body into ash. 

Ansh and his family later found Ruby lying unconscious on their way back home. The family stopped and rescued Ruby.

As soon as they began to leave, a Challayan Daayan captured Shekhar’s body. The Daayan sat on Shekhar’s neck and controlled his body.

Later on Nazar serial, the Challayan Daayan will create a lot of chaos in Rathod house. She will drain energy from Shekhar’s body and will soon multiply in number.

However, the biggest challenge for the Rathod family will be to find and learn about the presence of the Daayan as she will be invisible.


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