Nazar future story: Ansh turns fiery

Nazar future story: Ansh turns fiery

Star Plus favorite supernatural serial Nazar will entice its viewers with Ansh (Harsh Rajput) turning into a deadly mix of a Sarpika and Daavansh.

The last episode of Nazar serial showed us that Piya (Niyati Fatnani) gave her Sarpika powers to Ansh to save him from Dola and Mohanna.

Now, as Ansh will have multiple powers of a Daavansh and Sarpika he will soon turn into a merciless person who will use his powers to harm others.

Piya and the Rathod family will not be able to control Ansh’s anger. Ansh will forget all the relations and will fiercely indulge in troubling others.

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