Nazar gossip update: Piya to rescue Adi from Urvashi

Nazar gossip update: Piya to rescue Adi from Urvashi

Nazar TV serial future story:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, Piya will come face to face with Adi when the former will save him from getting attacked by Urvashi.

So far in Najar TV serial, Urvashi and Ash are all set to tie the wedding knot soon. Urvashi is Mohanna’s accomplice and so troubles Adi to achieve her evil motive.

Piya and Ansh are bearing the pangs of separation as the two failed to meet each other even after staying in the same city.

Based on the spoiler alerts of Najar serial, Adi will rush towards the jungle to hide from Urvashi. However, the evil soul will follow Adi to the jungle as well.

Luckily, Piya will overhear a child’s cry in the jungle and so will rush to help him. She will protect Adi from Urvashi’s attack.

Piya will counter Urvashi’s attacks on Adi using her powers. Adi will heave a sigh of relief on seeing Piya as his savior.

It will be quite exciting to watch how the mother-son duo will finally reunite in the future episodes of Nazar TV serial.

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