Nazar latest gossip: Adi to help Mohanna unknowingly

Nazar latest gossip: Adi to help Mohanna unknowingly

Nazar TV serial upcoming story:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, innocent Adi will be the one who will help Mohanna in freeing herself from mantras wall.

So far in Najar story, Piya and Ansh managed to defeat Bhasmika. Bhasmika entered Guru Ma’s body to get the pearl from her but Nishant failed her plan.

Mohanna is trying hard to release herself from the mantras wall. She is planning to use Adi to fulfill her motive.

Now, based on the new spoilers of Najar TV serial, Mohanna will enact to be a victim in front of Adi. She will play with the feelings of the child and will plead for help.

Further, as per the future twists of Nazar serial, Adi will get influenced by Mohanna’s false words and will decide to help her in coming out of the wall.

It will be exciting to watch what happens next in the coming episodes of Nazar TV serial.

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