Nazar latest Spoiler: Mohana attacks Pia

Nazar latest Spoiler: Mohana attacks Pia

Nazar serial gossips:

In the upcoming episode of Nazar Serial, Pia will get attacked by Mohana.

So far in Najar story, Ansh and entire Rathore family returned time when Ansh was about to get married to Ruby.

Mohana also used Shalaka’s dagger and returned at the same time.

Ruby wanted to marry Ansh. But, Vedishree wanted Ansh to marry a daivik. Hence, Ruby made Vedishree believe that she is a daivik too.

According to the Nazar future twists,  Ansh will remember everything from the past.

He will refuse to marry Ruby and ask for Pia.

Further, as per recent Nazar spoiler, Mohana will get miffed. She will plan an attack on Pia.

Will Mohana succeed in her mission?

What would Ansh do to find Pia?

Let’s see how the upcoming story of Nazar serial unfolds.

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