Nazar latest spoiler: Piya & Nishant to save Vedashri

Nazar latest spoiler: Piya & Nishant to save Vedashri

Nazar serial gossip and twist:

In the upcoming episodes of Nazar serial, Piya and Nishant will rescue Vedashri from being stabbed by Ansh unknowingly.

So far in Nazar stroy, Mohanna has brainwashed Ansh and has compelled him to follow her instructions blindly for the sake of Karan’s life.

Piya, on the other hand, is seeking Nishant’s help to free Vedashri from Mohanna’s blood relation bond.

According to the latest spoiler & gossip updates of Nazar, Mohanna will trap Vedashri in the same cabin which contains Karan’s statue.

Mohanna will ask Ansh to stab Karan’s statue with the dagger. However, the main twist will come when Mohanna will swap Karan and Vedashri so that Ansh stabs Vedashri.

Fortunately, as per gossips, Piya and Nishant will come and stop Ansh from stabbing Vedashri in the nick of the time.

They will also expose Mohanna’s plan in front of Ansh in the upcoming story of Nazar.

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