Nazar latest spoiler: Ruby to rescue Mohanna

Nazar latest spoiler: Ruby to rescue Mohanna

Nazar serial gossip update:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, Ruby will help Mohanna (Monalisa) in regaining her original powers and strength.

So far in Nazar serial, Lord Shiva’s ox attacked Mohanna when she tried to kill Munna. The ox threw Mohanna away.

Mohanna landed under a Belpatra tree. When Mohanna’s body came in contact with the Belpatra leaves she turned into her original avatar of an old lady.

Further, on Nazar serial Mohanna will crave for help. Ruby, who is under Mohanna’s spell will come and help her.

Ruby will help Mohanna gain her powers back. The two will then try to attack Munna again.

It will be exciting to watch how Piya and Ansh will save Munna from Mohanna and Ruby’s double attack in the future story of Nazar serial.

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