Nazar serial gossip update: Ansh to disown Piya

Nazar serial gossip update: Ansh to disown Piya

Nazar TV serial latest spoiler:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, Ansh will throw Piya out of Rathod house after blaming her for Vedashri’s critical condition.

So far in Nazar serial, Vedashri has turned evil as she is being controlled by Mohanna with the help of the blood bond that exists between them.

Piya has learned about the blood bond and is trying hard to protect her family. She got hell shocked to find out that Vedashri has planned to set the house on fire.

According to the spoiler updates of Nazar serial, Piya will struggle to stop Vedashri from lighting fire. She will use her powers to push Vedashri away.

Unfortunately, Vedashri will fall down from the building and will get badly injured.

Ansh will blame Piya for Vedashri’s condition and will throw her out of the Rathod house in the major future story twist of Nazar serial.

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