Nazar serial gossip update: Divya is Mohanna’s accomplice

Nazar serial gossip update: Divya is Mohanna’s accomplice

Nazar TV serial spoiler news:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, the viewers will learn that Mohanna has used Trishila to bring fake Divya in Rathod house.

Up until now in Nazar TV serial, Piya gave a part of her life to Vedashri to save her from dying. Piya became very weak and fragile after lending her life to Vedashri.

Nishant advised Ansh to meet Trishila who is blessed with the superpower to give life to others. Trishila helped Piya and also brought Divya back to life.

Further, depending upon the latest spoilers of Nazar serial, Mohanna will barge into Ansh and Piya’s life to ruin their happiness.

However, based on the future story twist of Nazar TV serial, Mohanna will be helped by Trishila and Divya. In reality, the lady will not be original Divya but her doppelganger.

Fake Divya will be a Daayan who will aid Mohanna in her mission to destroy Rathod family in the upcoming Nazar serial episodes.

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