Nazar serial latest spoiler: Piya to save Ansh from dying

Nazar serial latest spoiler: Piya to save Ansh from dying

Nazar TV serial upcoming twist:

The forthcoming episodes of Nazar TV serial will roll high on drama with Piya crossing every hurdle to save Ansh from Adi’s poison.

Up until now in Nazar serial, Divya and Mohanna are adamant to get the sword of destruction in their individual custody to start the ultimate war.

Divya managed to blackmail Piya and snatched the sword from her. She even turned Adi into a Sarpika to meet her evil ends.

According to the spoiler alerts of Najar serial, Adi will bite Ansh when the latter will try to take him away from Divya’s clutches.

Poor Ansh will slip into a death-like situation where his body will start turning blue because of the powerful venom.

Further, based on the future twists of Nazar serial, Piya will learn about Ansh and will decide to cure him at the earliest.

Nishant will advise her to catch the power of lightning in a jar that would work as a remedy against Adi’s poison infused in Ansh.

Let’s see if Piya gets successful or not in the upcoming episodes of Nazar serial.

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