Nazar serial latest twist: Mohanna to train Bhasmika

Nazar serial latest twist: Mohanna to train Bhasmika

Nazar TV serial gossip alert:

The upcoming episodes of Nazar serial will witness Mohanna using Bhasmika as a ploy to fulfill her selfish motives against Ansh and Piya.

So far in Najar serial, Piya took the avatar of a Goddess and ended the ultimate war of destruction. Ansh and Piya sacrificed their powers for the wellbeing of their family.

Later, Mohanna mixed the powers of Ansh and Piya along with other evil souls to give birth to a powerful lady, Bhasmika.

According to the new spoilers of Najar TV serial, Mohanna will train Bhasmika as her accomplice to separate Ansh and Piya.

Bhasmika will follow all the instructions of Mohanna blindly and will enter Ansh’s life with an intention to throw Piya away from him.

Let’s see how Piya will save Ansh from Mohanna’s plan in the forthcoming episodes of Nazar TV serial.

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