Nazar spoiler update: Bhasmika puts Ansh in dilemma

Nazar spoiler update: Bhasmika puts Ansh in dilemma

Nazar TV serial gossip alert:

The upcoming episodes of Nazar serial will revolve around Ansh’s struggle to bring Piya back to her normal self after defeating Bhasmika.

So far in Najar serial story, Ansh, Piya, Adi, and Pari combined their powers to defeat Bhasmika. With Lord Ganesha’s blessings they managed to burn Bhasmika.

However, soon Bhasmika returned and took Piya’s avatar. Piya has become invisible and is not able to expose Bhasmika.

Now, based on the spoiler news of Najar TV serial, Bhasmika will try to consummate with Ansh but the latter will identify her to be Piya’s doppelganger.

Ansh will question her about real Piya. Saavi and Nishant, who have learned about Bhasmika being fake Piya, will inform Ansh about it.

Further, as per the new gossips of Najar serial, Bhasmika will refuse to bring Piya back to life. Ansh and Bhasmika will come face to face in a deadly battle.

It will be interesting to watch who will be the winner in the forthcoming episodes of Nazar TV serial.

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