Nazar upcoming twist: Piya rescues Ansh

Nazar upcoming twist: Piya rescues Ansh

The next episode of Nazar serial will be full of entertainment and thrill as the Rakt Chandra Night is finally here and Mohanna (Monalisa) is eager to eat Ansh (Harsh Raput).

Until now, Mohanna is back to life with Ruby’s help. Owing to the Sarp venom and the poison of Patalketki, Ansh has entered the Daayan vriksh.

Later on the serial, we will see that Mohanna will reach out to Ansh and will try hard to eat him. But, to her surprise, Piya will also come there to save Ansh.

Mohanna and Piya will have a deadly face-off where Piya will risk her life to save Ansh’s life.

Will Devik Piya be able to save Ansh from Daayan Mohanna?

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