Pandian Stores: Upcoming Story! Moorthy suffers a mild attack

Pandian Stores: Upcoming Story! Moorthy suffers a mild attack

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In the upcoming story of Pandian stores, Moorthy feels a minor attack that shocks the family. 

So far in the Pandiyan stores episode, controversy over spending money on Mullai's IVF treatment is raised by Meena's father.

The entire family stands by Mullai and Kathir to support them but Meena's father insults them in front of everyone.

Now according to the spoilers, the family gets shattered over the arguments and fights while Kathir promises to return the money borrowed. 

As per the gossip of the Pandian store, Kathir and Mullai leave the house despite the Pandian family's request. 

They move out to earn more money and return it to settle the dispute. Kannan requests Kathir to return to the house, but he refuses. 

Mullai's parents call them to their house and ask Kathir to consider Mullai's health. Kathir then decides to move to their house. 

In the future episodes, Moorthy worries about Kathir and Mullai. He is shattered by their decision and laments in grief. He feels a minor pain in his heart. 

Let us see how the family manages to save Moorthy and bring Kathir and Mullai back to home in the upcoming episodes of Pandian stores. 

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