Pandya Store: Latest Twist! Amba Sniffs a Looming THREAT

Pandya Store: Latest Twist! Amba Sniffs a Looming THREAT

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In the upcoming story of the Pandya store serial, Amba will sniff a looming threat approaching the Makwana family.

The current plot of the Pandya Store revolves around Natasha convincing Hetal to dance with the veiled lady to distract her, allowing Natasha to save Golu.

Meanwhile, Amresh and Amba unexpectedly discover Hetal's secret dance performance despite Pranali and Dolly's efforts to keep it hidden. 

According to the latest spoilers, Amba will have a strong intuition about the potential danger when Natasha reveals that the veiled lady has a flower tattoo on her hand.

Amba will feel a sense of nostalgia upon hearing this information.

In the upcoming episodes, Amresh and Amba will confront Natasha, accusing her of fabricating a tale in her imagination and kidnapping Golu as a form of revenge against them.

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store to see how Natasha proves herself innocent and if Amba encounters the veiled lady or not.

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