Pandya Store: New Twist! Is Dhara Dead Or Acting?

Pandya Store: New Twist! Is Dhara Dead Or Acting?

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, it will be revealed if Dhara is acting or if she is really injured.

So far in episodes of Pandya Store, Rishita has planned to fake Dhara's murder to make Swetha confess her evil plans.

However, the thieves who have sneaked into the house stab Dhara for the real.

According to the latest gossip of Pandya Store, Rishita appreciates Dhara's acting as if she is really dead unknown to the fact that she has been stabbed.

The question is that is Dhara is acting and holding her breath for this long or if she has lost consciousness after getting stabbed.

Let's watch the future episodes of Pandya Store to know if Rishita's drama has cost Dhara her life or if Dhara is successfully pulling the fake act with her life at risk to expose Swetha and her evil intentions.

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