Pandya Store: Serial Gossip! Chiku Pays Back Dhara!

Pandya Store: Serial Gossip! Chiku Pays Back Dhara!

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In the upcoming story of the Pandya Store serial, Chiku will pay back Dhara for her care and love by choosing her over Swetha.

So far in the serial Pandya Store, Deven has exchanged real jewelry with fake jewelry but got injured in the leg making him unable to leave the place.

Meanwhile, Dhara and Rishita think that they have saved the jewelry seeing the fake hallmark on the jewelry that Deven had put on the fake jewelry.

Now according to spoilers of the serial, Krish brings up the topic of whose side is Chiku attending the wedding from, bride or the groom.

Swetha argues that it should be the bride’s side as he is her son while Suman announces to let Chiku choose.

As per the gossip, Chiku will pay back Dhara for all the love she has given him by leaning toward her despite Swetha being his biological mother.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Swetha challenging Dhara to find evidence against her and expose her with one hour left to the wedding.

Let’s see if Dhara can expose Swetha before Swetha marries Krish in future episodes of Pandya Store.

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