Pandya Store: Suman overhears Dhara scolding Raavi

Pandya Store: Suman overhears Dhara scolding Raavi

Pandya Store Upcoming Story:

In the future episodes of Pandya Store serial, Suman (Kruttika Desai Khan) will overhear Dhara (Shiny Doshi) scolding Raavi-Shiva and telling them to handle the situation.

Up until now in Pandya Store serial, Dev and Krish tried to convince Dhara to forgive them but she didn't budge from the decision of punishing them with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, in the recent episode of Pandya Store, Shiva and Raavi had a pillow fight as he told her to not worry for him and except a place for her in his heart.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Pandya Store, Raavi will ask Dhara how to hide from Suman that they are cooking separately as Suman is very sharp.

However, Dhara will scold her and Shiva telling them to handle it themselves while Suman will overhear them from the door.

Let's see what will Suman do next in the future gossips of Pandya Store.

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