Pandya Store: Twist! Krish's New Wife Gives Suman A HEART ATTACK!

Pandya Store: Twist! Krish's New Wife Gives Suman A HEART ATTACK!

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Krish's new wife from Canada will soon interact with Suman and give her a heart attack!

So far in the story of the Pandya Store serial, the Pandya brothers are back in Pandya Nivas to check up on Suman's ailing health. 

However, they don't know that Suman is well now and it is Dhara and her who have kept them in suspense that Suman is going to DIE!

According to the latest spoilers of Pandya Store, Maira Dharti Sharma will play Krish's wife as the new daughter-in-law of Suman.

As per the latest gossip of this serial, seeing Krish's new wife will give Suman a heart attack as the last one (Shweta) managed to tear the Pandya Family apart by hook or by crook.

However, due to Suman’s sudden deteriorating health, Krish has returned to Pandya Nivas.

In the latest episode, Maira Dharti is shown as a decent and simple girl and Suman is also enchanted with her.

Who is the girl whom Krish married in Canada or is it all a hoax? Will the new girl be Krish's wife?

Let us see how Suman reacts when she selects the new girl for Krish and gets to know about his settled life in Canada in future episodes of the Pandya Serial.

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