Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Dhara helps Rishita!

Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Dhara helps Rishita!

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In the upcoming episode of the Pandya Store serial, Dhara helps Rishita in the business competition.

So far in the serial Pandya Store, the first round gets difficult for both Shiva and Rishita.

Rishita is unable to identify her product while Shiva gets a ladies’ undergarment.

As per the gossip of the Pandya Store serial, every contestant is asked to perform, and eventually, Rishita's chance arrives.

Rishita seems clueless about the product given to her.

Dhara helps her by showing her the actions of sharpening the knife.

Rishita recalls an incident where Dhara sharpened a knife herself as the cutter charged a high price for it.

She then gives an amazing performance and receives great applause.

As per the latest twists of the story, Shiva is embarrassed by the product he had got and hesitates to perform.

Let us see in future episodes of the serial Pandya Store how Rishita and Shiva perform in the competition and who wins the challenge.

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